A Free Initial Telephone Consultation with one of
our caregivers will result in a Free Initial Visit in your home.

Our sitters will come to your home to meet with you and your pet(s) and learn all the details, about the routine that he/she will follow about while you are away.

This will include location of food, how much to give, treats, where the litter and food is at, trash bags, broom and dust pan, mail to be left at, plants, etc.

**Special Diets must be prepared in advance, divided, bagged and label.

On the last week your pet sitter will leave you a note summarizing all of his/her visits or if pre-arranged will telephone or email you while you are away with a report. Or you may call or email him/her anytime.

We provide services that will include feeding, changing of litter, playtime, fresh water, grooming and nail trim.

Stinky's Kittens & Doggies Too Services:

Somerville, Medford, Cambridge, Charlestown, Chinatown, North End, parts of Arlington, Jamaica Plain, Downtown Boston, Dorchester and Roxbury areas.

We are not just your neighborhood cat sitting service. We are professional reliable group of people that cater to the need of you and your cat(s).

Our services range from the care and attention to your felines. And since we come to your home, we can water your plants, bring in the mail and newspaper.

We are available for your pet(s) all year round. When we arrive at your home for thirty five minutes to visit during which time we will wash water and food dishes, replenish the water and carry out owners specific instructions for feeding. We request that the owner leave a written outline of instructions, including when they can be reached in their absence. How we can reach an in-town friend or superintendent if a backup key has not been given to the Jo-Ann Keith - Owner of Stinky's Kittens & Doggies Too. Or assistant Kaceen.

On your cat(s) visits we will feed your cat(s) and spend about 30 minutes of brushing & playing with your friend.

Every time we visit your pet we will clean the litter box(s). If you run out while you are away we will supply the litter for a fee. (we carry cat litter at our store location)

During the time we visit your cat(s), we will be happy to take in the mail, magazines or packages and water your house plants (depending on how many).

ONE VISIT PER DAY up to two cats is $16.00. Each additional cat will be $6.00 per visit.

TWO VISIT PER DAY up to two cats is $32.00. Each additional cat will be $12.00 per visit.

TWO CAGES - $32.00.
This includes feeding, fresh water and cage cleaning. Each additional cage will be $6.00 per visit.
This service is for Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Birds, Rats and  and Bunnies.

Any other variation of pet(s)  and special
medication, insulin, special feedings etc.
contact us for rates.
Returning your key to your home additional
cost is $5.00.

HOLIDAYS Fee: Additional  $28.00 per visit.


                                                                **NEW YEARS DAY.


If you need to cancel a visit please give us 24 hours notice ( Holiday Fee not refundable ).
If we arrive at your home and the visit is cancelled because you are there, or if your pet is not here (roommate has, family member took to there home etc) you will be charge the full rate of the contract. 

* Be sure to count tails before you leave.
* Set your thermostat at a temperature
comfortable for your pet(s). (or a/c)
* Make sure your pet supplies, broom
dust pan and garbage bags etc. are easy
to find.
* Leave a phone number where you can be
reached. Cell phones are fine as long as
as it is always with you.

We now offer for our cat sitting clients delivery service. If you run out of food, litter, toys, treats, etc, we will delivery these items to your home. This service will give you peace of mind knowing that your pet(s) will not be hungry, out of treats, or have no litter. You will have a tab added to your invoice and  will be able to pay for the items when you return. The fee for delivery service is $5.00 round trip.

If you live in the Somerville, Cambridge, Charlestown, Arlington or other areas where they ask for a permit sticker, we ask that you supply us with a visitor permit sticker for the time of service or if you have a driveway may we use it in your absent. This will help us elevate huge parking tickets. We appreciate your understanding.


What to Expect for the future

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Your feedback is encouraged and will help us to continually improve our efforts.

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To make a reservation for pet sitting or if you have any questions. Please call us at 617-623-0265 or email us at stinkysgrooming@msn.com