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           Ms. Stinkynow

I'm a cute, sassy, mature black feline.

Natural and Amazingly Fresh. Nice & Clean.
Who demands only the best that life has to offer.

Home of Ms. Stinky naughtiest feline in the city...

I am an extraordinaire bad bootylicious black feline. My name hasn't got anything to do with how I smell. I know I smell sweet and clean like all felines with good cat habits - fresh like gold lavender spices. I am a true carnivore and my human slaves obey every COMMAND.

I like things done MY WAY .

I am MS. Stinky, silky, black and smooth to the touch.
I am a felines , fine, adorable, free can you handle it.

I am mature and wise and very sexy.

 Will be taking gifts in form of catnip with a glass of fine wine .

 I wear black well.

I cleanse my humans home of toxic waste cleverly disguised as "hairballs". I always manipulate my humans and their friends, coaxing for handouts, treats, catnip (fresh only!!) and a lap here and there.

Beware, I may look innocent, but do not be fooled!!!
My true nature is revealed when it is dark.

My daily activities include, eating, sleeping, singing, window lounging and hanging out with Lil Bear, "Q" and Ms. Tuffy and my parents Jo-Ann and Allan.

Lil Bear sometimes gets on my nerves, he is a pain, and tries to hog all the food.

And my sister "Q" (aka "Q" Ball) needs to chill out and relax a bit.

She has no clue about anything even when it is time to eat like a lady.

Ms. Tuffy is new to the family we will not go there yet lol...

At night I dream of fish, catnip and caviar. Sometimes I share the bed with my parents.

Come back and see me soon. My Human ,
Jo-Ann, will have written more by then.

I am nastier than Socks, Smarter than Garfield, Sexy & Smooth  to the touch than Beyonce..

I have some big plans for this site, but computer time is tough to come by with my mother working. She should be serving me instead of playing on the computer.

Being Ms. Stinky is very demanding, I am way to busy for email, but if you insist, you may send messages to my people. Maybe I will write back.

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