I am professionally groomed at Stinky's Kittens & Doggies Too, in which the store is named after little me...  Located at 110 Bristol Rd. Somerville, MA 02144

Hello and welcome to my page devoted to Cats and their Humans.

Should you see something of
interest or have questions,
please feel free to contact me.

My human units also call me Little Stinker, Stinky, Daddy's Baby (since I am adorable), Stop Stinky Now Stop Stinky Now (when I am causing trouble) and last but not least "You Little ##!!**%%## (when I am mean..)

I'm not really mean, I just enjoy doing what I want to do and anything else for that matter.

I also get a big kick out of raising cain when the humans go to sleep. And is it my fault they do not like to get
up at 4am in the morning!!!

Please that is time for my breakfast.

Personally I like to sleep during the daylight hours..

Ah yes it is a cat's world, I tell ya.

All that I ask from my humans is that they keep my bowl full and my box clean.

And I got issues also, I better get the attention I
when I want it!!

Oh and please do not disturb me when I'm trying
to sleep!!

I am also quite an authority on Human Training.

As all of my kitty community is.

                        Who Is Ms. Stinky...

Ms. Stinky is the "Brains behind our company. Although  currently on the verge of fame and nortarity, she was once a tiny kitten waiting to be adopted. She found us and was on her way "going home"

Ms. Stinky being classy, sassy himmie she soon got tired of being a household cat and requested we look for unique toys, beds, gifts and more.

She wanted items artsy and sophisticated. So she search high and low and found suitable unique products and accessories for her feline community.

Now true to character she continues to request new and fun toys.  


I am a citizen and should be allowed to choose and my owners should rush out and buy it for me.

Somedays I want dry food and other days moist morsels. I do not want anyone telling me which food is right and wrong.

If you support me please join the black paw crusade, if you do not agree with me than your probably a dog and will eat anything...


We hope you enjoy your visit with us. Our store is dedicated to cat lovers and their cat friends.

We have unusual gifts for your kitty and you. Our toys are approved by me Ms. "Stinky" and my feline board of members.

I am the most expert for picking and choosing the right
interactive toy for your favorite feline.

I love to hear from you and your cat(s).
I welcome your comments and questions. 

 I am Ms. "Stinky", silky black, smooth to the touch.

 I'm a feliness, fine and adorable can you handle it!!

  I cleanse my humans home of toxic waste cleverly  disguised as "hairballs".

  I always manipulate my  humans and their friends.

  Coaxing for handouts, treats, catnip (fresh only) and a  lap here and there.

  Beware, I may look innocent, but do not be fooled!!

  My true nature is revealed when it is dark.